Watch Out For That Monkey! The 100 monkeys theory

Ever heard the about the 100 monkey theory? Seek the Monkey Money Matrix facebook group. You don’t get the gold without the dragon.

Speaking of Uber, did I mention I own a profitable taxi biz? I own AtlantaAirport.Taxi and they don’t. I have customers to pick up today, and all Uber will do is lose more money.

Speaking of monkeys, beware of that MailChimp, they are very clever as they grow their possible customer base. I’ve sent out 5 emails, and haven’t gotten one. I’m on the list I am sending to.

Oh well, it’s like this blog. if anyone gets to read it, why worry about it? If someone reading this blog finds the information, great, the comments are useless, just endless spam. As long as the right 100 monkeys are out there, all it takes is 1 to do something amazing.

Can you find my other blog? Or on Google. Let me know how that works out for you. When I need a ride, I find a good taxi, anyone can get an Uber fool.

Did I mention I Evolved.Gold?

Like that Ned Scott guy. I wonder if this post makes it to Steemit. Or Hive? Somebody give me an update please. Oh, and some Steem would be nice too. Yes, read this blog, but look for me on Steem(or Hive) as the censorship from YouTube, Facebook, Google and Twitter is at an all-time high.

……..welcome to the internet, it’s all your fault!

Joe Rogan Blown Away By Physics By Physicist Eric Weinstein

Joe Rogan Blown Away By Physics By Physicist Eric Weinstein

Do you enjoy learning about Science? Do you know alot about PHYSICS? Take the

time today to expand your learning………….


And your MIND………….The MATRIX has you!


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