Ked Plasma (Atlanta) – Save Lives (And Get Paid $350)

Ked Plasma (Atlanta) – Save Lives (And Get Paid $350)


Not only do you get paid for a virtually painless procedure(total of two pin pricks, say ouch) plasma donation saves lives. Plasma is basically the water part of your blood. Your blood is taken out and put back in and the plasma filtered out. The personnel at Ked Plasma can give you a more detailed technical explanation. You watch TV for about an hour and get paid for it.

For your first visit, plan on spending some time there. You will have to have a check-up by the nurse, sign alot of papers, get your picture taken and get signed up. You will need to bring 3 things or you will get turned away: DL or state issued ID, your social security card, and a recent piece of mail that proves your current address. Be sure to tell them you were referred by me, Scott Walsh(donates at the Tucker location), and I get paid a $50 bonus.


Atlanta-Tucker, GA
5995 Lawrenceville Hwy, Tucker, GA 30084

Tell them you were referred by me, Scott Walsh

Atlanta-College Park, GA
6445 Old National Hwy, Atlanta, GA 30349


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GROWTH: Momentum is created with constant forward pressure


It’s important to set an example for your child or children. If you are not a parent, then it’s about your community or your company. Even if you only improve your life or your business by 1%, that’s better than zero. It’s important on the internet too. Too many people make(or pay someone to make) a website, submit it to Google, Bing and a few search engines, then never do anything else.

These days, your website is how your business does business. You have to get the word out, you have to get people on your website, you can’t rely on Google or any other search engine. Advertising is the name of the game. Word of mouth remains the best advertising. Business cards are a major requirement, but you want your customers to talk good about you to their friends and business associates.

Before you can make any progress you have to get started. It’s all about taking the first step to making changes in your life or your business. One of the best ways to propel your business in the right direction is to advertise it, which often means getting people to your website. Blogs and social media are fine, but they only go so far and work best when they are worked daily.

You never know which small step, which random share, is going to result in growth. You can’t make anything happen without taking the first step. We live in a big world, there is an abundance of information; the world is looking for a demonstration. One of the best reasons to get started is because it is normal to have self-doubt. It is something you have to overcome.

You have to get the word out. One of the best ways to do this is called proximity marketing. You are the number one beacon for your business. Bluetooth beacons are the electronic solution, it is easy. You have to take the first step, you have to train that mental muscle; you have to get over that anxiety.

You might think that Facebook and YouTube is going to get the job done. The problem is, that’s what everybody thinks and what everybody is doing. Neither social platform is likely to show your content to anyone, you have to reach the potential customers where they live, in their smartphones. It’s called GeoFencing and I am an expert.

You have to fight the resistance of doing something new. You have to be assertive to be able to move forward. I’ve been working with beacons for a long time. One of my first websites is at www.Beacon-Nearby.Com

Much has changed, but one thing that has not changed is that to launch your ideas, to be successful, you have to move towards your dreams. You wouldn’t jump out of an airplane the first time without being with an expert, and the same is true with GeoAdvertising. I know from experience how it works, and how to make it work for you or your business. I am on the internet at www.ScottWalsh.GA 

Get in touch and let’s set a time for us to discuss my company, GeoAdvertising.

These links are here for you, but they are also here in my blog post for the search engines. The reason I am writing is this is to find the right people. People looking for the same opportunities as me, and someone who is looking for the right partner to work together for the purpose of creating GROWTH. I am willing to help you advertise yourself or your business. And I have the connections, tools, and expertise to help you with a proximity marketing campaign, for a short time or a long time.

It’s complicated. For example, check out: Beaconstac and Genusity

Are you a medium to large size business? Watch this video:

Don’t panic, the prices shown in that video are for medium and large size businesses. The beacons themselves will cost you less than a bag of groceries or to fill up your car. It doesn’t matter what it costs if you get results. You won’t get a ROI if you get scared and hesitate to spend what it takes. Growth and Success are worth it!

It’s complicated, I know the processes and models that work best. GeoAdvertising is not right for everyone, but it is the best way to go for most. I am not going to sell you something just for the sake of making a sale or gaining a client. You have expectations and I want to deliver something that is worth the money you’re going to be spending.

I know how GoogleAds work, I know how Facebook Ads work, nothing is magic. Advertising is about building your brand. Advertising takes time. YOU have to have something to offer. YOU have to be the best at what you do. I am the best in the Beacon business. I was here in that space before Beaconstac and Genusity. I want to help you GROW! Schedule a day and time to show up, and then show up. That is how you get things done. Most people give up on the 5 yard line. The gold is just across the next line, the winners are the ones who go for it and don’t give up.

A Life Of FREEDOM – Goals, Growth, And Goblins


You wake up and you don’t know where you are. You are feeling transformed, like you have taken a trip to somewhere strange and back. Have you ever felt that way? Being an entrepreneur is not the norm, most people are just happy, or not, to get by. I never knew that being one was the exception, I thought everyone had dreams.

The whole key is showing up every day. Make stuff happen, be very real.Have you ever read the instructions on the back of a Pop-Tarts box? 99% of the people all around us won’t do Bitcoin, yet one Bitcoin is worth, at the time of this writing, around 11,000 US Dollars. The value of Bitcoin keeps growing, and the Goblins are not happy about that.

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Resisting Tyrants And Avoiding The Hangman


If you have lots of problems in your real life, keep reading. We live in the age of the Internet. People measure success these days by where they live, what car they drive(or don’t), how much money they have, how many likes, friends, or followers they have on social media, what kind of job they have(or don’t). People care about how much they weigh, what they look like, or how many subscribers they have on their YouTube channel.

People talk often about being positive, and being happy. It’s funny how life and reality don’t work that way. Life is always a struggle, full of disappointments, and the wages you earn are never enough. Keep going.

Making something from nothing is hard. Nobody says it is going to be easy. Unless you were one of the lucky ones born into a perfect family, it’s what you have to do. Unless you are content with being one of the masses, it is up to you to be exceptional. Artists are born with a innate need to create, to be creative.There are no easy shortcuts through the woods. Watch out for the wolves, watch out for the hangman. They or he might be around the next bend, or behind the next tree.

The tree remembers what the axe forgets. We live in a culture of secret societies, surprisingly they are so well known. Long, long ago women ruled the world, until men revolted against them. The world has always been divided into men, and the women and children. Until a young boy reaches puberty, he is considered just one of young ones. Now men rule the world, kings and presidents decide everything.

Omerta is a code of silence and secrecy that forbids members from betraying their ‘brothers’ to authorities or other gangs. There are no tyrants among the hunters and gatherers. He who is deaf, blind, and silent will live a hundred years. The city known as ‘Freedom’ will never fall.

Unless you want to work in the warehouse, or drive the truck, the only alternative these days is to be an ‘entrepreneur’. Your grandfather didn’t have or need this choice. Men worked, and women took care of the house and raised the family. The Uber drivers and gig workers were lured by this idea; work whenever and however long you want. They chased the easy money, with no thought of what their decision would mean to their career(or their car) or reputation. How fast reality catches up in real life. There is no such thing as a free ride, everything comes at a cost.

Everybody wants to be the taxi driver. Why? It has always meant long hours, danger, and the rejection by the society they served. Now gig workers are ‘on strike’ and Uber and Lyft drivers find themselves making an average of $9.21 an hour. They find themselves having to work 12-18 hours a day just to make ends meet. Everybody loves Uber until they get Ubered. Nobody who get special privileges gets them forever. Now the regulators who were strong-armed are turning on Uber and Lyft, and they will pay the price. It is the nature of the beast.

America is the land of the exceptional. Nobody dare say superior, lest they bring up memories from the history of the world. Our founding fathers were rebels, they revolted in 1776 against the king. They refused to be ruled. The gig workers thought they were disrupting the taxi industry, yet every airport still has taxicabs. Why?

Because the network of taxi drivers is strong. Though the storm Uber has brought, fueled by foolish venture capital, has been fierce the taxi driver’s anchors have held. How fast the reality of life works things out. Taxi drivers have always been made up of the mavericks, the troublemakers, curiously many with college degrees with many that walked away from well-paying corporate jobs.

Every book that is written is not published. Every promotion comes with a hidden cost. Those what went along to get along are finding that the American dream of a good job and a good marriage would mean a life of leisure. They expected two cars in the garage and two weeks of vacation every year. They find themselves in debt, living in a world where everything costs more and more, but the wages are not increased to match.

This country America, is in debt, trillions and trillions in debt. Each dollar, tied to debt, is worth less and less as the years roll on. What is one to do? Buy Bitcoin. It’s a scam, a ponzi scheme, people said when Bitcoin was worth 80 cents that it would never equal a dollar. Many who believed way back when have become millionaires.

Bitcoin will serve you better than dollars. Want to learn more? Go to www.CryptoCopia.GA and buy some. It’s never too late. Want to generate Bitcoin while you surf the web or watch YouTube, go to www.Crypto-Browser.GQ

The taxi industry is not going away, neither is the ‘rideshare’ trade. There is a new rideshare company poised to take a slice of the growing transportation business. It is called TRYP Rides and those who believe in it’s potential are met with ridicule and doubt. It’s called a scam, and a ponzi scheme, or people think it aims to follow the path of Uber and Lyft. But it’s different, drivers have a chance to gain stock options. It’s passengers will be chosen by invite. Passengers will be able to request their favorite driver. Drivers will be able to build up their own customers of regular riders. The world will be a different place when there are three competitors in the game.

Want to learn more about TRYP? Go to

Want regular riders? Imagine a world where an intelligent city is just the everyday life. Where comfortable transportation is not a luxury, but the most normal thing. The purpose of U4RYDE.GQ is to lead us to “a more prosperous future.”

  TrypRideshare.ML Sign up for #TRYP free and earn 40 cents for everyone you refer, every time they take a ride. It’s #Rideshare done better, the right way.

Tryp drivers keep 100% of their fares, tips, and cancellation fees. Learn more at www.RideshareMatrix.GQ FB Group. Transportation is a $2Trillion market in the U.S. alone.

It is not for everyone. Whatever you do, follow your dream. Dream big. The faceless tyrants and puppet masters are out there. Not all of us will escape. If you are reading this, you likely still have a chance. I will be hiding at ScottWalsh.GA

Come join my mailing list, let’s keep in touch. There are no limits to what a committed group of people can accomplish. Life is about being happy and taking everything as it comes. Smile, and always think positive. It is always the positive people that have a solution, no matter what problem comes along.

Very little grows on jagged rock. Be ground. Be crumbled. They might bury me, I might not win in the long run, but I will be happy if wildflowers grow on my grave.