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$30 MILLION! dispatch software/system – still can’t find an address, lost over $2 billion in its sixth year of operation and then doubled those losses to $4.5 billion in year eight. And STILL can’t make a profit or even get passengers without giving away minimum $20 per week in free rides. “#UBER is over.” DeleteUber.Info #Lyft refused to give cops name of driver accused of masturbating during ride with teen “But I have no integrity at all, I lie about my name and I don’t have to obey any regulations or rules, as long as I can cash out every day and make some quick money, I won’t stop, just because my company killed that girl in Arizona while their ‘#selfdriving’ car’s human driver was watching Hulu on her iPad. So?” #Rideshare Driver Dustin. (

Uber should have gone even further given its self-driving car killed Herzberg, said Bryant Walker Smith, an assistant law professor at the University of South Carolina who has been studying the issues affecting #autonomous vehicles. In its typical arrogance, Uber has not acceptted responsibility for Herzberg’s death – the first involving a fully autonomous vehicle, he said.

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