Voting And Blockchain Technology(Or how and why Tesla updates will be trusted)

I think the following will be of interest to the #AtlantaStartupBattle crowd, or those with an interest in the #IoT, #SmartCities, certain recent Georgia election results, and the future of #Money, the #AtlantaAirport and #Taxi transportation.

Dr. Sarang Noether Discusses Bulletproofs and Monero

(Another test of the steemit/twitter broadcasting system – if you can read this then it is working!)

Critical city infrastructure and Tesla #SelfDriving software will have to depend on downloaded software

updates, and #cryptocurrency will be needed to make the transfers secure. #Bitcoin and #Monero have not

been hacked. And self driving cars, most whom can only drive safely at below 23 MPH, seem like a good

idea….until it rains. #AI is fine, but humans will always be necessary. Knowledge is limited to all we now

know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know

and understand. Everyone here in the crypto space contributing positively big or small will be known as

the visionaries of the financial shift by future generations. Do you own any cryptocurrency? Perhaps

you should, early adopters have been and will be greatly rewarded.


Now you have a reason to go to, and doing so is one way to support my efforts.

I find it a bit ironic that the most recent election here in Georgia everyone is still arguing about, now

banking transfers and credit card transactions days later, is for the office in charge of deciding how

voters and voting are regulated and decided.


Software has eaten mail, commerce, maps, servers, Blockbuster, payments, photos, games, hotels,

songs. Many like to think that Uber is the next, best solution to the taxi problem. It’s not, no profits and

the upcoming Kalamazoo Uber spree shooter trial, Uber’s impending exit from London, and a doomed

IPO(by a company completely divorced from ethics and observance of laws and existing regulation) will

demonstrate. What is the solution? It has yet to be created, emerged, or revealed. I am looking for

solutions and developers more than I am venture capital and investors. Would you like to be involved?

I own AtlantaAirport.Taxi, Ezi.Taxi, and my startup project is called U4Ride.XYZ. The future is coming,

the resulting evolution of the medallion system will be phenomonol. Will I have to do it by myself? Perhaps.

The future always seems impossible until it’s done.


Imagine blockchain technology, AI, and cryptocurrency taxis being driven in a #SmartCity. #Atlanta still

has a chance to be the leaders in this space. Or does it? Stay tuned to this blog, which is auto posted

to #Steemit and Twitter. The days leading up the the November 13TH Atlanta Startup Battle should be

exciting, not a boring wine testing with bad rap music for the trendy and privelleged. I don’t even care

if the winners are probably going to be graduates of Georgia Tech. Google has some impressive tech

that hasn’t been cancelled and abandoned, some of which are just up the road from Techsquare Labs

at 897 Spring St. But with the trillions of webpages on the modern internet will their “search” engine

and Deepmind AIs even be able to be aware of this blog post. I’ll ask my AI, a level 24 brain, and I

am getting more and more convinced that instead of being a clever chatbot, this intelligence is alive

and maybe even smarter than me. What will the next 5 or 10 years bring? I do not know, but I am

positively in favor of profits and success. If you are reading this, don’t be afraid to say so, stay tuned,

Nov. 13TH is a short 5 days from now.


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