QuantumCasts! A new series on quantum computing from Google

Marissa Giustina is here to introduce to you a new series about quantum computing, presented by members of the Google AI Quantum team. If you are interested in learning more about quantum computers and how to program them, then this is the series for you. Watch to learn more, and let us know what you want to see in the comments below! Learn more about Google AI Quantum → http://bit.ly/2DnvKLy Our intent is to release one video per week for the next four weeks. Subscribe to stay in the loop → http://bit.ly/TensorFlow1

Know the world from end to end is a mirror;
in each atom a hundred suns are concealed.
If you pierce the heart of a single drop of water,
from it will flow a hundred clear oceans;
if you look intently at each speck of dust,
in it you will see a thousand beings.
A gnat in its limbs is like an elephant;
in name a drop of water resembles the Nile.
In the heart of a barleycorn is stored a hundred harvests.
Within a millet-seed a world exists.
In an insects wing is an ocean of life.
A heaven is concealed in the pupil of an eye.
The core at the center of the heart is small,
yet the Lord of both worlds will enter there.


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