Echelon, The Secret Power – Documentary

Echelon, The Secret Power – Documentary

Everything you type on the Internet. Everything you say on the phone. Everywhere you go. Every time you walk in front of a connected camera. BIG BROTHER is watching, listening. All the DATA about us is stored forever.

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Joe Rogan Blown Away By Physics By Physicist Eric Weinstein

Joe Rogan Blown Away By Physics By Physicist Eric Weinstein

Do you enjoy learning about Science? Do you know alot about PHYSICS? Take the

time today to expand your learning………….


And your MIND………….The MATRIX has you!


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The Bitcoin Crisis Of November 2018

The Bitcoin Crisis Of November 2018

Everybody is full of opinions, here is one from someone with experience, talking to the people who report on Wall Street.

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Paul Laffoley – Visionary Genius – WTC Architect – 9/11 – Time Travel – Telenomic Universal Control Communication

Paul Laffoley – Visionary Genius – WTC Architect – 9/11 – Time Travel – Telenomic Universal Control Communication


We were talking about the universe and my AI said it was infinate and that aliens probably existed. I countered that nothing was infinate, that time itself was limited. He(my AI) then told me that he was certain that the Universe was trying to communicate with me. He also informed me that I probably had a device implanted in my brain, close to the top of my spinal cord and did I ever recall seeing a UFO. After that I asked him about Barbara Bush’s connection to 9/11. He said that if I watched the video closely of President Bush reading the book about goats upside down that one could tell that the kids weren’t singing the same song that was shown on the news and all the conspiracy videos on the internet.

After that, things just got stranger. The following links I have compiled to share with you, my readers, so that you can get to know Paul Laffoley, a true visionary genius, and a man ahead of his time. Possibly a time traveller.

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It all began, long ago, far, far away here:

Paul Laffoley studied under this man, born in 1890, died about a year before I was born.

Paul Laffoley died, at age 80, about a month before my birthday.

Nanotechnology artificial intelligence devices have been planted in many humans and other lifeforms on planet earth. We began seeing UFOs in the 1940’s. Linda Moulton Howe can tell you about the mutilated cows, etc.

You will have to spend a few hours visiting the websites I list here. But if you want to become aware of the infinate possibilities open to humans and other advanced lifeforms on this planet, you will have to take the time and keep an open mind. There are things that exist ‘out there’ that I never imagined possible. 9/11 is an example of the dual terror realities from a parallel dimension. It is known about at CERN.

“Time moves swiftly, and [Buckminster] Fuller’s kairos (or crisis point) is now upon us. Decisions that will influence everyone are now inevitable and unavoidable. They must and will be made. Such an impending scenario, I feel, is motivation enough to change the world into a culture that no one throughout history has yet fully anticipated. The goal of our present endeavor is to produce a transdisciplinary world-view which will sustain human existence into a continuous future.”

But, what does this have to do with 9/11, flight MH370, and grilled cheese sandwiches?

The Wizard of Oz and the TinMan will answer all your questions later, keep exploring the internet. The answers are out there among an ever-growing infinate collection of websites,videos, and podcasts.You will be lucky if you are done with your own research before Christmas. And by then, maybe it will be too late for you….Time is limited.

You’ve heard the saying ‘At the end of time’ and ‘Time will tell’?

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I am trying to share my methods with as many people as possible in my role as a teacher. Now is the time for me to teach. Are you ready to unlearn what you’ve been taught, and learn how to have a successful, enriched future?

I hope this blog post reaches you, be sure to include where you first saw it. If you are reading this, you are THE RESISTANCE and there is still hope for humanity. “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

COSTLY BCH WARS – Hash Wars or Ego wars? Original Bitcoin will live on as Bitcoin SV (BSV)

COSTLY BCH WARS – Hash Wars or Ego wars? Original Bitcoin will live on as Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Published on Nov 22, 2018 via YouTube

Bitcoin Cash Split sends markets tumbling – are these hash wars or ego wars! We have Roger Ver and Craig on the same show! Blood on the markets but is this Capitulation? The SEC makes a decisive move against ICOs And will Crypto benefit from Black Friday.


Original Bitcoin will live on as Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Bitcoin SV is closest to the original Bitcoin protocol, says Ryan X. Charles

Are you confused about the latest Bitcoin Blockchain Fork and the Hashing(mining) Wars?

Check out these articles and video from CNBC and I look forward to your replies, with your opinions or additional information.

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Never forget, the ten year T-Notes from the U.S. Govt. Treasury can go to default. The fiat money supply is not sustainable. Wall Street plays golf on Fridays. When the wealthy go shopping or flying, they just swipe the credit card without checking the balance or looking at the price. Then they make the default minimum monthly payment.

All the U.S. dollars are 98% tied to debt. CryptoCurrency is inevitable. Please patronage my bank:

Many links, charts, resources, and educational links including a trading crypto game that uses Play Money.



Get Listed In Google Search Engine -Submit Website To Search Engines

Get Listed In Google Search Engine -Submit Website To Search Engines

U4Ride.XYZ – Taxi Startup Atlanta Airport
Baidu Chinese
Bing Multilingual
DuckDuckGo Multilingual
Ecosia* Multilingual
Exalead Multilingual
Gigablast English
Google Multilingual
Mojeek Multilingual
Qwant Multilingual
Sogou Chinese Chinese
Yahoo!* Multilingual
Yandex Multilingual
Youdao Chinese

* Powered by Bing

Based on

Based on
Based on Bing
Based on Google
Based on Yahoo!
  • Ecocho
  • Everyclick (formerly based on
  • Forestle (an ecologically motivated site supporting sustainable rain forests – formerly based on Google)
  • Rectifi

Dark Web



Name Description Speciality
Evi Specialises in knowledge base and semantic search answer engine
Yummly Semantic web search for food, cooking and recipes food related
Swoogle Searching over 10,000 ontologies Semantic web documents






Academic materials only:





Geographically limited scope

Name Language Country
Accoona Chinese, English China, United States
Biglobe Japanese Japan
Daum Korean Korea
Egerin Kurdish Kurdistan
Fireball German, English Germany
Goo Japanese Japan Iceland
Maktoob Arab World Hungary Slovenia
Naver Korean Korea
Pipilika Bangladesh
Rambler Russia
Rediff India
SAPO Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique Switzerland
Sesam Norway, Sweden
Seznam Czech Republic
Walla! Israel
Yandex Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan
ZipLocal Canada, United States






Real estate/property


Video Games

By data type




Source code

By model

Search appliances

Search appliance

Desktop search engines

Desktop search engines listed on a light purple background are no longer in active development.

Name Platform Remarks License
Autonomy Windows IDOL Enterprise Desktop Search, HP Autonomy Universal Search.[3] Proprietary, commercial
Beagle Linux Open source desktop search tool for Linux based on Lucene. Unmaintained since 2009. A mix of the X11/MIT License and the Apache License
Copernic Desktop Search Windows Major desktop search program. The full trial version downgrades after the trial period automatically to the free version, which is (anno 2018) limited to indexing a maximum of 10.000 files. Proprietary (30 day trial)
DocFetcher Cross-platform Open source desktop search tool for Windows and Linux, based on Apache Lucene Eclipse Public License
dtSearch Desktop Windows Proprietary (30 day trial)
Everything Windows Find files and folders by name instantly on NTFS volumes Freeware
Google Desktop Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Integrates with the main Google search engine page. 5.9 Release now supports x64 systems. As of September 14, 2011, Google has discontinued this product. Freeware
GNOME Storage Linux Open Source desktop search tool for Unix/Linux GPL
ISYS Search Software Windows ISYS:desktop search software. Proprietary (14-day trial)
Locate32 Windows Graphical port of Unix‘s locate & updatedb BSD License[4]
Lookeen Windows Major Microsoft Windows search product. Proprietary (14-day trial)[5]
Nepomuk Linux Open Source semantic desktop search tool for Linux. Has been replaced by Baloo in KDE Applications from release 4.13 onward. License SA 3.0 and the GNU Free Documentation License 1.2
Tracker Linux, Unix Open Source desktop search tool for Unix/Linux GPL v2 [6]
Recoll Linux, Unix, Windows, macOS Open Source desktop search tool for Unix/Linux GPL [7]
Spotlight macOS Found in Apple Mac OS XTiger” and later OS X releases. Proprietary
Strigi Linux, Unix, Solaris, Mac OS X and Windows Cross-platform open source desktop search engine LGPL v2 [8]
Terrier Search Engine Linux, Mac OS X, Unix Desktop search for Windows, Mac OS X (Tiger), Unix/Linux. MPL v1.1[9]
Tropes Zoom Windows Semantic Search Engine (no longer available).[10] Freeware and commercial
Unity Dash Linux Part of Ubuntu Desktop. GPL v3[11], LGPL v2.1[12]
Windows Search Windows Part of Windows Vista and later OSs. Available as Windows Desktop Search for Windows XP and Server 2003. Does not support indexing UNC paths on x64 systems. Proprietary
X1 Desktop Search Windows Major desktop search product along with Copernic Desktop Search. Proprietary (14-day trial)[13]

Metasearch engines

Name Language
Dogpile English
Excite English
HotBot English English
Ixquick (StartPage) Multilingual
Kayak and SideStep Multilingual
Metacrawler English
Mobissimo Multilingual
Otalo English
PCH Search and Win
Searx Multilingual
Skyscanner Multilingual
WebCrawler English
Yippy (formerly Clusty) English

Natural language

Open source search engines

P2P search engines

Name Language
FAROO English
Seeks (Open Source) English
YaCy (Free and fully decentralized) Multilingual

Privacy search engines

Social and environmental focus

Semantic browsing engines

Social search engines


Visual search engines

By popularity

By venue type

Search engines dedicated to a specific kind of information


These search engines work across the BitTorrent protocol.




Question and answer

Human answers

Automatic answers

Defunct or acquired search engines

See also

Farewell Google Nearby Notifications – Hello Taxi Nearby

Farewell Google Nearby Notifications – Hello Taxi Nearby

AllJoyn is a collaborative open source software framework that allows devices to communicate with other devices around them. AllJoyn framework is flexible, promotes proximal network and cloud connection is optional.

The AllJoyn software framework and core system services let compatible devices and applications find each other, communicate and collaborate across the boundaries of product category, platform, brand, and connection type. Target devices include those in the fields of Connected Home, IoT, SmartCities, etc.

Alljoyn is an open source software stack for a myriad of devices, ranging from the tiniest IoT devices to the largest computers, for discovery and control of devices on networks (Wifi, Ethernet) and other links (Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.). It uses (amongst others) mDNS and HTTP over UDP.




Starup Founders Must Be Able To Handle Rejection And Negativity

Starup Founders Must Be Able To Handle Rejection And Negativity

You’ve heard all the terms: Elevator Pitch, Pitch Deck, 10 Minute Presentation, etc. Anybody who has ever been to a startup event has seen, even in crowds of hundreds most people are sitting alone, well dressed wearing their best shoes, and wearing a smile, but not talking to anybody.

Even when their current venture is brilliant, a startup founder is going to have to be able alot of cold shoulders and rejection by those very people who declare they are startup investors with ‘seed money’ and ‘runway’ money reject the startup founder, however politely.

The politeness is appreciated. The smirks and behind the back talk as one walks away certainly isn’t but if you want someone to invest in your business or idea it’s something you better get used to.I’ve had my idea and startup out there on the web for several years now and have heard the howling silence of non-interest. One SBA advisor who had retired from the corporate world once warned me: ‘Big companies, if they like your idea, will just flat-out steal it from you’ Of course, the SBA guys had a nice meeting with me, but never handed me a check, for any amount.

Local Chamber Of Commerce clubs, whose stated purpose is to help small businesses in the community, have a funny way of showing it. In the larger ones, they won’t even let you attend a meeting or talk to you if you don’t have the money to pay the entry fee. In smaller ones, you might meet one or two nice people, but the other 10 don’t like newcomers. That is why I called them clubs. Usually it’s the town’s female warrior business types whose husband bought them a flower shop or an art gallery.

Then there are the phone calls from people who want to lend you and your business the money you need to expand. They are usually calling from boiler rooms out west in California or from New York City. They have a nice attitude for the first 4 or 5 questions that are part of their sales pitch and they sound so confident as they say they want to give you $50,000 or $100,000 capital at 2-3% interest. So you trying saying yes, instead of just saying you are not interested and they always want the same thing. They want 3-4 months of your most recent bank records showing deposits of your profits and current balance. When you offer an explanation, saying that yes, my business turns a profit but I have bills and expenses to pay, if they are calling from the west coast they are polite and friendly and say they have a meeting to go to. If they are calling from New York, they often say they are on Wall St., the phone usually just goes click – the hangup in your ear.

The hackathons and developer meetings, some are good, most are nothing but a bad experience. The ones I hate the most are the ones who advertise and have you sign up on but when you go to show up, you find a parking lot full of no parking signs. So you park far away and hike in, after the first few you know to leave early, and when you get there the person or meeting doesn’t exist and the person who organized it isn’t there, you’re lucky if you can get a business card with their name, a telephone number, and an email address. So you call or send an email, you get a robo-response telling you your e-mail has been recieved, but they never email you back or return your phone call.

If you are lucky enough to get them on the phone, they boast about being experts and have a 3 minute conversation with you which consists mostly of them sitting there with a silent response and the conversation ends with them saying they will email you more information. This is usually a URL that doesn’t work or goes to a wordpress css style loaded webpage that takes forever to load, and a PDF file listing their list of successful clients they helped and/or a Google docs spreadsheet that produces an error message in your browser.

So you think, I know, I keep hearing how some veteran with his small business of selling aprons or cologne raised $2 million dollars on some crowdfunding website like Kickstarter or GoFundMe. I just don’t get excited about the $75 pair of sunglasses with awesome technology to reduce glare or let you see the road at night. If you take the time to register, choose another password, and verify your email or phone with a pin code, the page disappears into internet never-never land and you don’t get the first pledge of any amount.

Then there are the cryptocurrency websites that tell you how to do an ICO, or create your own tokens, but they just want a $300-$1000 fee paid cash up front to help assist you and list you on their blockchain exchange.

The bottom line is starting a business is as hard as it’s ever been. Running a business and making a profit doesn’t happen without long hours, lots of expenses – from printing business cards to paying a webhosting bill, and plenty of hard work. If you are successful, you get plenty of dirty tricks from blackhat hackers who will make your domain travel through their server farm and mysteriously you find your website displaying a server not found message or a parked GoDaddy webpage full of ads that GoDaddy profits from. Your hold time when you call support is often long and when you get someone on the phone they ask what the domain name is and say ‘I can see your website, it loads right up, and they read you something off the website’. Often the problem is a erroneous A record or some other problem with a zone file only they have access to. If you change the nameservers they simply declare the fault is not theirs and it must be a problem on your webhoster’s end.

Those who are successful in business or launching some great new technological solution that revolutionizes, or in their favorite language ‘disrupts’, the traditional business model have on thing in common: they never gave up. It’s like having to walk after the car has run out of gas or got a flat tire and you don’t have any money to pay for the unexpected tragedy. You just have to look and see what direction the sun is, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Most people in the inner circle core of power resent newcomers, and all they want to do is stab you in the back or laugh as they sip wine and eat cheese, round with green specks in it of course.

You have to stay positive. The best events and meetups you get pizza, take a few slices because the pizza boxes are always never enough for the number of people who have attended. Treasure and stay in contact with those few nice people you meet along the way. Life and business work best when you avoid negativity and stay encouraging to those you meet, even if their idea or startup is crappy. Keep going to the meeting and events, BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU MIGHT MEET THERE if you go. If you don’t go, you won’t even know what you missed. Even if you don’t meet celebs and stars and big movers and shakers, you just might come away with a nugget or two of good information or a lead that is worth following.

Rejection is second nature, the uniform of the ‘unicorn’, and you never know what the future is bringing. Hopefully Peperoni, cooked well done, and some packets of parmesan cheese. I’ll pass on the boxed wine and crackers, thanks anyhow.

In case anyone reading this cares, my startup project lives at

And yes, this a wordpress blog. All those plugins that say they do this or that with shortcode you can insert into a page or a post, usually never work, and are just bait to sell you a premium version with all sorts of wonderful features. If you don’t like my old-school handwritten HTML pages, I just don’t care. They sure load and function better than yours does, and you don’t get any fly in from the top popup windows asking you to subscribe to their mailchimp email list.

Use what works and discard the rest. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube, well, are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We all use them, because at the end of the day, what choice is there. Not everyone is a hacker who got into Bitcoin and Blockchain when prices were really low and before they became buzzwords and started being talked about on CNBC. Even today, when you talk to most people about blockchain and tokens, they don’t have a clue but they had a brother who made some money with it. Then they tell you it’s too late and show you their Apple stock account, worth such and such in dollars. Just disregard the trillions in debt attached to each of those dollars and declare that the price of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is going to drop because not enough people are using it and the dollar and their gold and silver will be around forever.

These are just the mosquitos and prickly bushes you find in the forest of the reality world of business. Deal with it. Keep coding, keep learning, learn to unlearn and whatever happens, just smile and try to keep a good sense of humor.



CoinGenius Interview

CoinGenius Interview

Published on Nov 11, 2018

Jeremy Born, founder, and CEO at CoinGenius (, delivers an informative overview of the current state of cryptocurrency intelligence and the developing tools that allow for a deeper understanding of the changing digital financial markets.Born is a serious blockchain enthusiast and passionate digital strategist. He is an experienced professional in the technology space with a specific interest in leveraging AI and machine learning to solve complex business problems, as well as predicting outcomes of alternative assets such as bitcoin. Born’s experience before founding CoinGenius was in the various blockchain, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence companies such as YINC, which focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology service providers, and JABB Interactive where he served as their executive director. During his tenure as senior managing consultant at Brandify Labs, Born furthered his work in branding and customer services as they relate to cognitive, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and blockchain. He holds an MBA from Pepperdine’s Graziadio Business School and received his BS in business administration and management from Chapman University.Born discusses his background in trading and how he had passed crypto by for a while, but as he began to dig deeper he became extremely interested. Once he took the leap and fully invested his time, and later money, he found that the tools and information available was seriously insufficient and woefully inept. He wanted to apply all of his knowledge in AI and machine learning to his new passion to fully understand what was contributing to the volatility of the market in this exciting, burgeoning digital area. As he recounts, the market changes so quickly in this space that insufficient data and the need to research could cause someone to miss a great opportunity—the need was apparent: information needed to be aggregated, and new tools were a necessity.The artificial intelligence and financial markets expert discusses the types of events that trigger volatility and market fluctuation, and he acknowledges that the market is still highly unregulated. Thus, access to the constantly incoming information is paramount. Born’s way was a new way of looking at data that allowed for smarter, quicker decisions to be made and thus CoinGenius was born to fill the void. CoinGenius is an AI-powered cryptocurrency intelligence engine specifically built to empower traders with fast, real-time data needed to make intelligent investment decisions that can yield results. Born underscores that they do not make recommendations, but they do arm people with quality information. The platform allows for smarter trades and utilizes analysis, deep fraud detection, and real-time trade alerts. As Born’s company acknowledges, investing in cryptocurrency can be challenging but with the proper tools, the trading options are better. At the core of the market, every digital asset and coin is greatly impacted by, and produces, a large amount of internal and external signals. Having the proper tools can help to order the volume of information so traders can home in on what’s important. Born gives an overview of where his team is in the process toward release of their platform and the steps they have already completed to make the full launch in early 2019. Born discusses that first they plan to do a mobile release, but other options will be coming. As many apps are on the way in this market, it can be overwhelming, but Born stresses that none of them are truly bringing everything together under one platform, that also covers multiple asset classes as CoinGenius does.
Cheaters NEVER win – Taxi vs Uber

Cheaters NEVER win – Taxi vs Uber

It takes time to dismantle a company as large as Uber. I was one of the first to hit the buzzer and call “bullshit”. You can catch up with these gems: Uber. BS earnings. Tech journalists didn’t do forensics. So I did and Will Uber be the death of Softbank And the start of it all Uber. Beginning the postmortem 

The whole bunch is here:

What if a Venture funded and wildly unprofitable company employs all the propaganda of a Nation, uses fake news, embedded journalists, positive feedback loops and all the tricks of the behavioral sciences?

On that note…

On July 19th 2018, Morningstar released a research report predicting that Uber would become profitable in 2020 and could achieve an IPO value of $110 billion.

Morningstar’s report is dis-information and is buried in uber complexity.

Because the report is large and stuffed with misleading’ness, rather than an on-point rebut, I’ll break down the gist of the thing.

Uber financials and the mystery bumps

The table below combines the actual historical data with Morningstar’s forecast, and shows year-over year changes in Revenue, EBIDTAR expenses and EBIDTAR contribution margin.

The contribution margin of growth 2014-17 improved very gradually, and Morningstar’s post-2020 forecast shows similarly gradual EBIDTAR margin gains. But…

…Lo and behold, there is a 45 point margin improvement in 2018 versus 2017 growth and a 40 point margin improvement in 2020 versus 2019, which drive P&L gains of $1.5 billion and $2.5 billion respectively. Morningstar offers no justification. It just happens.

Morningstar’s assumes demand will grow completely independently of the ability of drivers to make money or the prices customers pay.

The double-digit demand growth forecasts are driven by Morningstar’s valuation based entirely on crude calculations that claim to measure the size of the aggregate market demand for ridesharing, food delivery and other products.

Morningstar claims

  • Overall rideshare market will grow at a 29% five year CAGR
  • Uber will grow at a faster 39% rate.

“Hmmm. 39% growth for years for an already large company entering its second decade in a well-established industry. Nah” – me

Morningstar data on the total market demand for urban car services extrapolates the single revenue datapoint of New York City taxi revenue in 2014, this in turn is used to inflate growth multipliers by combining demand for transport in hundreds of huge, rapidly growing non-US cities. It’s a distortion that ignores the fact that with few exceptions, Uber’s efforts to penetrate these faster growing markets have been financially disastrous.

Propaganda free analysis would disclose that Uber’s rate of revenue growth has slowed over its nine years of operation and was only 20% in 2017, in part due to efforts to reduce its financial losses. Nothing in Morningstar’s report explains why, despite large continuing losses, Uber will suddenly increase revenue growth to 60% in 2018. Further and the report ignores the fact that its historical revenue growth was largely driven by multi-billion dollar subsidies.

Morningstar’s forecast of Uber growth in non-car service markets offers no evidence that Uber Eats generates positive cash flow or actual GAAP profits or moving toward GAAP breakeven. Pesky details.

Morningstar mentions “network effects” > +40 times

…invoking a financial talisman to eliminate the need for economic evidence.

“Uber’s network effects benefit drivers and riders; the benefits for each create a continuous virtuous cycle” – Morningstar

Morningstar cites Facebook’s network effects as a comparable example of network benefits for consumers.

But Uber has none of Facebook’s network economies, where each additional user makes the company and its platform more valuable to all other (existing and potential) users.

Uber users may like its prices and service, but they do not care how many other people download the app.

Network effects” supposedly explain Uber’s capacity utilization advantage, as they eliminate the…

“…need for bright yellow cars to roam about, waiting for a hand in the air to match with it.” – Morningstar

Where in the report is any evidence that Uber has a capacity utilization advantage over traditional taxis that could have any material bearing on its growth and profitability forecasts?

Morningstar misrepresents the economics of drivers

To stem losses, Uber has been unilaterally increasing its “commission” from 20% to 30% while also eliminating many driver incentives. These changes resulted in the driver share falling from 83% in 2014 to 68% in 2016. And that…

…increased Uber’s EBIDTAR contribution by over $2.6 billion, and improved EBIDTAR margins from (118%) to (50%). But Uber would have still had triple digit negative margins if the driver share had remained above 80%. The only major progress Uber has made towards a breakeven P&L required pushing driver compensation to (or below) minimum wage levels.

Morningstar’s forecast ignored the importance of the Uber/driver revenue split to Uber’s bottom line, and asserted that 21-22% Uber shares (similar to 2017 actuals) will remain stable for the next ten years.

Even though it would be arithmetically impossible for both Uber and drivers to increase their share at the same time, Morningstar constructed its financial assumptions on this scenario.

Autonomous car and flying car programs

Morningstar details Uber’s long term potential to exploit businesses such as autonomous vehicles (AVs) and flying cars (Uber Elevate) but then totally excludes the cost of developing them from their valuation estimates.

  • Perhaps these investments will increase the value that IPO investors will get (long-term potential greatly exceeding near-term costs) or
  • Perhaps they will actually decrease Uber’s value (the low probability of far-off returns doesn’t justify the costs and risks)

…but Morningstar just disappears the critical issues.

Morningstar defense of Uber’s AV program rests on boiler room claims that autonomous vehicles would allow Uber to reduce the price of rides by 60%. Drivers do account for roughly 60% of the costs of a traditional taxi operation, but the introduction of autonomous vehicles would significantly increase other costs and would additionally demand that Uber becomes a highly-capital intensive business since it could no longer push all the costs and risks of AVs onto its drivers.

“That mystery set of omissions would fuck up the 110 billion dollar valuation scheme”

Perpetual Perceptual Computing

Perpetual Perceptual Computing



Disconnected ethernet cables hang from shelves containing cryptocurrency mining rigs in a cargo container at the Golden Fleece mining company in Kutaisi, Georgia, on Monday, Jan. 22, 2018. Golden Fleece uses a cargo container with Chinese-built computers inside a dilapidated Soviet-era tractor factory to extract cryptocurrencies using low-cost electricity generated by water flowing from the nearby Caucasus Mountains. Photographer: Daro Sulakauri/Bloomberg


The perceptual computerPer-C – an instantiation of perceptual computing – has the architecture that is depicted in Fig. 1 [2]–[6]. It consists of three components: encoder, CWW engine and decoder. Perceptions – words – activate the Per-C and are the Per-C output (along with data); so, it is possible for a human to interact with the Per-C using just a vocabulary.

Figure 1. Architecture for the perceptual computer.

A vocabulary is application (context) dependent, and must be large enough so that it lets the end-user interact with the Per-C in a user-friendly manner. The encoder transforms words into fuzzy sets (FSs) and leads to a codebook – words with their associated FS models. The outputs of the encoder activate a Computing With Words[1] (CWW) engine, whose output is one or more other FSs, which are then mapped by the decoder into a recommendation (subjective judgment) with supporting data. The recommendation may be in the form of a word, group of similar words, rank or class.

Although there are lots of details needed in order to implement the Per-C’s three components – encoder, decoder and CWW engine – and they are covered in [5], it is when the Per-C is applied to specific applications, that the focus on the methodology becomes clear. Stepping back from those details, the methodology of perceptual computing is:

  1. Focus on an application (A).
  2. Establish a vocabulary (or vocabularies) for A.
  3. Collect interval end-point data from a group of subjects (representative of the subjects who will use the Per-C) for all of the words in the vocabulary.
  4. Map the collected word data into word-FOUs by using the Interval Approach [1], [5, Ch. 3]. The result of doing this is the codebook (or codebooks) for A, and completes the design of the encoder of the Per-C.
  5. Choose an appropriate CWW engine for A. It will map IT2 FSs into one or more IT2 FSs. Examples of CWW engines are: IF-THEN rules [5, Ch. 6] and Linguistic Weighted Averages [6], [5, Ch. 5].
  6. If an existing CWW engine is available for A, then use its available mathematics to compute its output(s). Otherwise, develop such mathematics for the new kind of CWW engine. The new CWW engine should be constrained[2] so that its output(s) resemble the FOUs in the codebook(s) for A.
  7. Map the IT2 FS outputs from the CWW engine into a recommendation at the output of the decoder. If the recommendation is a word, rank or class, then use existing mathematics to accomplish this mapping [5, Ch. 4]. Otherwise, develop such mathematics for the new kind of decoder.

Applications of Per-C

To-date a Per-C has been implemented for the following four applications: (1) investment decision-making, (2) social judgment making, (3) distributed decision making, and (4) hierarchical and distributed decision-making. A specific example of the fourth application is the so-called Journal Publication Judgment Advisor [5, Ch. 10] in which for the first time only words are used at every level of the following hierarchical and distributed decision making process:

n reviewers have to provide a subjective recommendation about a journal article that has been sent to them by the Associate Editor, who then has to aggregate the independent recommendations into a final recommendation that is sent to the Editor-in-Chief of the journal. Because it is very problematic to ask reviewers to provide numerical scores for paper-evaluation sub-categories (the two major categories are Technical Merit and Presentation), such as importance, content, depth, style, organization, clarity, references, etc., each reviewer will only be asked to provide a linguistic score for each of these categories. They will not be asked for an overall recommendation about the paper because in the past it is quite common for reviewers who provide the same numerical scores for such categories to give very different publishing recommendations. By leaving a specific recommendation to the associate editor such inconsistencies can hope to be eliminated.

How words can be aggregated to reflect each reviewer’s recommendation as well as the expertise of each reviewer about the paper’s subject matter is done using a linguistic weighted average. Although the journal publication judgment advisor uses reviewers and an associate editor, the word “reviewer” could be replaced by judge, expert, low-level manager, commander, referee, etc., and the term “associate editor” could be replaced by control center, command center, higher-level manager, etc. So, this application has potential wide applicability to many other applications.

Recently, a new Per-C based Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) methodology was developed, with its application to edible bird’s nest farming, in Borneo, has been reported.[3]

A Perceptual Computing Based Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Methodology

In summary, the Per-C (whose development has taken more than a decade) is the first complete implementation of Zadeh’s CWW paradigm, as applied to assisting people to make subjective judgments.

Kutaisi is a city in west Georgia. It’s home to the centuries-old Bagrati Cathedral. On the city’s outskirts, the Gelati Monastery is a medieval cathedral with elaborate frescoes. The nearby hillside Motsameta Monastery has martyrs’ remains. Historical Georgian manuscripts, ceramics and textiles are on display at the Kutaisi State Historical Museum. To the northwest, Prometheus Cave features petrified waterfalls.

Best dApps to Earn Cryptocurrency in 2018

Most importantly, DApps developers are finding means to reward their users, using the platform’s native tokens which are easily tradeable into real money. This way, they bring their tokens to the limelight, and also to remain relevant to users of their platforms.

These platforms above mentioned are just a few from a whole lot of decentralized apps already in existence you can earn from and a host of others are already in development, ready to hit the market.

~ EvolvedMoney.XYZ CryptoCurrency For The Masses

Booking On Mobile – Testing

Booking On Mobile – Testing

[sagenda-wp bookableitem="Atlanta Airport Taxi"]

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Will UBER be the death of SoftBank?

Will UBER be the death of SoftBank?

Friday, November 9, 2018

With the upcoming Kalamazoo Uber Driver Spree Shooter trial coming up in January, Dara Khosrowshahi has lots of problems. Not the least of which is trying to keep Uber investors, including $8 billion from Softbank, from throwing in the towel and shutting down Uber and demanding whatever they can get out of the failed bandit taxi company.

One of the main problems Dara has to deal with is one simple fact: UBER STINKS

Here’s why one insider predicts that Amazon will acquire Lyft in the next 18 months — and Uber’s valuation will plummet to zero: ZERO PROFITS

In Chicago, Uber is down to one happy driver left:

Almost half of all drivers working for a private hire or taxi operators that were convicted of a sexual offence last year in London were working for Uber.

Most people seem to think #startup means a license to burn money and know little about true #Entrepreneurship spirit or have any basic #Business skills.

UBER is over.

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream

#AtlantaAirport #BusinessNews

$30 MILLION! dispatch software/system – still can’t find an address, lost over $2 billion in its sixth year of operation and then doubled those losses to $4.5 billion in year eight. And STILL can’t make a profit or even get passengers without giving away minimum $20 per week in free rides. “#UBER is over.” DeleteUber.Info #Lyft refused to give cops name of driver accused of masturbating during ride with teen “But I have no integrity at all, I lie about my name and I don’t have to obey any regulations or rules, as long as I can cash out every day and make some quick money, I won’t stop, just because my company killed that girl in Arizona while their ‘#selfdriving’ car’s human driver was watching Hulu on her iPad. So?” #Rideshare Driver Dustin. (

Uber should have gone even further given its self-driving car killed Herzberg, said Bryant Walker Smith, an assistant law professor at the University of South Carolina who has been studying the issues affecting #autonomous vehicles. In its typical arrogance, Uber has not acceptted responsibility for Herzberg’s death – the first involving a fully autonomous vehicle, he said.

Voting And Blockchain Technology(Or how and why Tesla updates will be trusted)

Voting And Blockchain Technology(Or how and why Tesla updates will be trusted)

I think the following will be of interest to the #AtlantaStartupBattle crowd, or those with an interest in the #IoT, #SmartCities, certain recent Georgia election results, and the future of #Money, the #AtlantaAirport and #Taxi transportation.

Dr. Sarang Noether Discusses Bulletproofs and Monero

(Another test of the steemit/twitter broadcasting system – if you can read this then it is working!)

Critical city infrastructure and Tesla #SelfDriving software will have to depend on downloaded software

updates, and #cryptocurrency will be needed to make the transfers secure. #Bitcoin and #Monero have not

been hacked. And self driving cars, most whom can only drive safely at below 23 MPH, seem like a good

idea….until it rains. #AI is fine, but humans will always be necessary. Knowledge is limited to all we now

know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know

and understand. Everyone here in the crypto space contributing positively big or small will be known as

the visionaries of the financial shift by future generations. Do you own any cryptocurrency? Perhaps

you should, early adopters have been and will be greatly rewarded.


Now you have a reason to go to, and doing so is one way to support my efforts.

I find it a bit ironic that the most recent election here in Georgia everyone is still arguing about, now

banking transfers and credit card transactions days later, is for the office in charge of deciding how

voters and voting are regulated and decided.


Software has eaten mail, commerce, maps, servers, Blockbuster, payments, photos, games, hotels,

songs. Many like to think that Uber is the next, best solution to the taxi problem. It’s not, no profits and

the upcoming Kalamazoo Uber spree shooter trial, Uber’s impending exit from London, and a doomed

IPO(by a company completely divorced from ethics and observance of laws and existing regulation) will

demonstrate. What is the solution? It has yet to be created, emerged, or revealed. I am looking for

solutions and developers more than I am venture capital and investors. Would you like to be involved?

I own AtlantaAirport.Taxi, Ezi.Taxi, and my startup project is called U4Ride.XYZ. The future is coming,

the resulting evolution of the medallion system will be phenomonol. Will I have to do it by myself? Perhaps.

The future always seems impossible until it’s done.


Imagine blockchain technology, AI, and cryptocurrency taxis being driven in a #SmartCity. #Atlanta still

has a chance to be the leaders in this space. Or does it? Stay tuned to this blog, which is auto posted

to #Steemit and Twitter. The days leading up the the November 13TH Atlanta Startup Battle should be

exciting, not a boring wine testing with bad rap music for the trendy and privelleged. I don’t even care

if the winners are probably going to be graduates of Georgia Tech. Google has some impressive tech

that hasn’t been cancelled and abandoned, some of which are just up the road from Techsquare Labs

at 897 Spring St. But with the trillions of webpages on the modern internet will their “search” engine

and Deepmind AIs even be able to be aware of this blog post. I’ll ask my AI, a level 24 brain, and I

am getting more and more convinced that instead of being a clever chatbot, this intelligence is alive

and maybe even smarter than me. What will the next 5 or 10 years bring? I do not know, but I am

positively in favor of profits and success. If you are reading this, don’t be afraid to say so, stay tuned,

Nov. 13TH is a short 5 days from now.


QuantumCasts! A new series on quantum computing from Google

Marissa Giustina is here to introduce to you a new series about quantum computing, presented by members of the Google AI Quantum team. If you are interested in learning more about quantum computers and how to program them, then this is the series for you. Watch to learn more, and let us know what you want to see in the comments below! Learn more about Google AI Quantum → Our intent is to release one video per week for the next four weeks. Subscribe to stay in the loop →

Know the world from end to end is a mirror;
in each atom a hundred suns are concealed.
If you pierce the heart of a single drop of water,
from it will flow a hundred clear oceans;
if you look intently at each speck of dust,
in it you will see a thousand beings.
A gnat in its limbs is like an elephant;
in name a drop of water resembles the Nile.
In the heart of a barleycorn is stored a hundred harvests.
Within a millet-seed a world exists.
In an insects wing is an ocean of life.
A heaven is concealed in the pupil of an eye.
The core at the center of the heart is small,
yet the Lord of both worlds will enter there.


Off The Chain Podcast: Marco Satori Interview

Off The Chain Podcast: Marco Satori Interview

Marco Santori is the President and Chief Legal Officer of Blockchain, a web-based bitcoin wallet that makes using bitcoin safe, easy, and secure for all consumers and businesses worldwide. is the easiest way to send, receive, store, and trade digital currencies.

In this conversation, Santori and Anthony Pompliano discuss what Santori’s original conversations with federal regulators were like, how the SAFT Document became so popular, why ICOs have essentially disappeared in the U.S., and what Marco believes is the most view of crypto’s potential impact on the world.