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Uber has lost legitimacy. In the minds of many Americans. Using an Uber is now linked to subversive and irresponsible behavior, crime, promiscuous sexuality, rapes, drinking, and casual drug use. Critics have begun to associate Uber with broader fears of social decay, traffic congestion, detrimental effects on transit systems and roads, and unfair labor practices. Uber is as unsafe as ever, everyday there are new stories detailing the horrors or working for or using the service.

Even participation among young people, previously the bedrock of the Uber community, eroded substantially as the reality of being a rideshare driver became obvious. The spell has lasted as long as it has been able to fund a propaganda campaign that constantly promoted misorientation and misinformation, aided by Uber Tubers giving unrealistic earnings potential in seek of referral bonuses. Now with covid-19 many drivers have left, selling their Uber/Lyft windshield stickers for $5 each and their airport hangtags for $10 and pivoted to grocery and restaurant deliveries. With a 95% driver turnover and 90% passenger turnover, and referral bonuses having ended April 1st, 2020, not to mention thousands of outstanding unpaid court judgements and thousands of personal, state, and federal lawsuits pending the chances of Uber sticking around is minimal. Especially when Uber execs are selling their Uber stocks daily, as the stock price keeps going down. Besides more and more Uber passengers are discovering how to get free rides. Reporting their driver drunk or on drugs or just using a simple phone hack and Uber promo codes for discounted or free rides. If you can't measure it, you can't add factors to your process to increase your profits. U4Ryde.GQ is about sustainable for-hire drivers and advanced ride-hailing systems that work best. Are you necessary or expendable?
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