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Tryp Rides CEO Bob McNulty and CMO David Motta

Bob McNulty TRYP RIDES CEO with CMO David Motta

Rideshare giants Uber and Lyft now have serious competition in the US market. Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft are a boon for business riders and the general public. They allow anyone to hire a driver with a specific kind of vehicle. But the other rideshare drivers will be parked, parked and parked.till somebody near them requests a ride.

Most of the drivers in most cities will be Uber and Lyft drivers and most of the others, taxi drivers. A good ride from A to B usually involves two rides. From A to B is easy to get, but from B to A is usually an expensive nightmare and rideshare drivers may have to wait an hour or two while they wait for the next passenger. Tryp Rideshare solves this problem, with never SURGE CLUB prices.

Tryp Rides apps allow you to request a ride at a more affordable price if the rideshare drivers does not have enough time available to handle the request. Uber and Lyft are now the go-to choice for commuters to get around. The fact that they offer cheap rides means there are more people willing to use for-hire drivers. The problem is that they are too competitive but that may not be the case with three companies in the game. The big difference is that Tryp Rideshare will offer excellent experiences. Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen instead of the bottom of the barrel drivers Uber and Lyft offer.

 Dave The Uber Slave, Tryp Driver

Dave The Uber Slave, Tryp Driver

If Uber and Lyft offer basically the same services, and have had the same problems, one has to ask oneself what one should do to be as safe as possible. Tryp Rideshare is the answer for both passenger and drivers. The app offers excellent navigation, a panic button in case of emergencies, and in-app payments. The driver keeps 100% of the fares and tips and gets paid immediately without having to pay a fee to cash out. Tryp drivers need only refer three of their peers to drive free on the platform and part-time drivers can sign up to drive with Tryp for as low as $79 per month.

Drivers can learn more HERE

Drivers can refer passengers and receive 40 cents every time they take a ride, for life. Passengers are able to request a specific driver they like and are comfortable with. And the best part of all, there is NEVER any SURGE pricing. There are three different tiers of car service available on the Tryp app, no longer do consumers have to set up two different accounts on Uber and Lyft and hope that someone will be available to drive them when they need a ride.

Tryp drivers have passed a thorough background check and had their cars inspected for safety and suitability for the purpose of providing rides to the public. Comfort and excellent service are priority number one at Tryp. Passengers can request a ride in seconds and the Tryp app is a joy to use. 

The Uber and Lyft business models, which have never made a profit, rely on over saturation of the market which has resulted with cities and events clogged with Uber and Lyft drivers, many of whom work other jobs or are busy with other activities when they are not giving rides. It is this 'off-the-wheels' activities which many businesses, hotels, and airports have been complaining about since Uber and Lyft showed up on the scene. Tryp Rideshare is the third alternative America has been waiting for.

Passengers can sign up HERE

Tryp Rides apps can be downloaded in the iOS App Store and in the Google Play Store.

Tryp Driver App for Android

Tryp Rider App for Android


Tryp Driver App for Apple

Tryp Rider App for Apple


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