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Get A Ride With An App - For Android And Apple Smartphone Userscool

Now you can use the Ride Connect App to find a driver, or if you are a driver, connect with passengers with just a few clicks on your smartphone. If this is your first time just go to www.RideConnect.Com and install the app for Android or Apple(iPhone).

After you install the RideConnect app just join the "RYDE" community in the app or go to www.RideConnect.GA 

Payment is arranged between the passenger and the driver and is typically cash or credit card. No credit card is needed to use the app and no payment information is stored on the app. Riders can make an offer of what they are willing to pay and drivers can accept the offer or set their own rates. Rides typically cost between $2-$3 pickup fee plus 80 cents to $2 per mile, depending on such things as time of day, how far the trip is, where the customer needs to be picked up, traffic, etc. A $5 courtesy fee if the ride request needs to be canceled is the polite thing to do. Regular riders will be given VIP treatment and special price considerations.

Waiting time will vary, but you don't have to wonder as you can see the car's location right on the app. 

Anyone in the Atlanta Metro area can use the app but for now, RYDE service is primarily intended for the Gwinnett County area. 24 hour service(for NICE people) is available in Norcross, Lilburn, Duluth, Peachtree Corners, Lawrenceville, etc.

Our RideConnect App, on Android smartphones and on Apple lets you find drivers and pay low fares, and you can also get roadside assistance when you are having trouble with your vehicle. The charge for a jump-start is $10. You can schedule a ride in advance, if you have enough time or are busy. We can deliver gasoline or a battery, or just give you a ride home.

RYDE RIDESHARE is not like Uber or Lyft, which is like a taxi service that doesn't charge a fixed price. With RYDE RIDESHARE, there are NEVER SURGE PRICES, and your total fare is negotiable with your driver, at the time of your trip. Rather it is like a public utility, the customers are like passengers on Delta airlines, except sometimes the customers are the ones driving the car and getting paid. Sometimes your driver will show up driving a taxi, so transportation service is always available 24/7.

Ryde is better than Uber or Lyft because you don't have to worry about rogue drivers sneaking back to your house or apartment to rob it after they drop you off somewhere. Ryde drivers will not slam your credit card with ridiculous charges and bogus fees. Unlike Uber or Lyft drivers, Ryde drivers do not have to take a long way and drive slowly to try and increase their earnings. 

Telephone support is available at 678-227-9839. Feel free to call with any questions or concerns but please use the app for trip requests. Atlanta Airport service, to and from, can be made by reservation at Request.AtlantaAirport.Taxi

If you have either the Uber or Lyft app on your phone you may be refused a ride; we don't want Uber and Lyft to be involved in our business in any way. You can read about the dangers of having Uber installed at DeleteUber.ML and how to permanently delete your account. If you have Lyft, uninstall the app and call Lyft support and tell them you want your account and credit card details deleted. 

RYDE RIDESHARE is rideshare done right. This is a new game, so please be patient and we are open to suggestions how to improve the experience for everyone. Use of the app is 100% free for both drivers and passengers. Please be patient.



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