Some other exchanges are: US(Coinbase, Bitfinex, Gemini, Kraken, Bitstamp etc), China (OkCoin, Huobi, Yuanbao, Jubi etc), Korea(Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit etc.), Europe(Kraken, Bitstamp, GDAX etc)

Most exchanges enforce strict KYC(Know Your Customer) rules that require the user to verify their ID

12-09-2014 Bitcoin Price $344 USD

12-01-2016 Bitcoin Price $752 USD

06-20-2017 Bitcoin Price $2515 USD

Bitcoin Future Price Predictions Thru 2021

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Want to buy some BitCoin NOW without the hassles of uploading a driver's license or exposing a bank account?

A. How To Buy Some Bitcoin:
1. Register for an account here:

2. Deposit money via Paypal or bank transfer, Paypal seems the easiest. They charge a slight fee so it is best to deposit as rarely as possible.

3. Put in limit order for SLL(Linden Dollars-Second Life Currency)

(wait for your order to be filled)

Linden Dollars are a fixed currency tied to the US dollar and fluctuates between

241 Lindens per 1 USD and 254 Lindens per 1 USD

Buy Lindens low and sell high

4. Exchange SLL for Bitcoin, using a limit order

(wait for your order to be filled)

5. A. Withdraw Bitcoin to your wallet address or a Bitcoin address on a bitcoin cloudmining company like: http://www.HashNest.Com


B. To turn your Bitcoins into cash out of the ATM simply reverse the process:  trade your bitcoins for SLL(Lindens) and then trade the Linden Dollars for US dollars(Buy USD low).  Withdraw via Paypal or withdraw the Bitcoin(no need to convert) into a wallet, a  merchant,  or perhaps a cloudmining operation selling gigahertz (like HashNest).


Disclaimer: I make a small percentage when you buy bitcoin through my links. THANKS A MILLION!

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